Our expertise, as steel consultants, extends to all aspects of integrated steelmaking plants, mini mills, blast furnaces, cokemaking, direct reduction, BOF and EAFs, continuous casting, long product rolling mills for long and flat products, sheet piling, beams, columns, channels and special profiles.


Dispute between UK Integrated Steel Producer and Landlord

Dispute between South American Steelmaker and Chinese Mini Mill Supplier

Dispute between Landlord and EAF Steel Producer regarding Slag Stockpiles

Dispute between Steel Producer and Pig Iron Supplier

Investigation of Turbine Blade Failures – EU Power Plant

Dispute between Supplier of Iron Ore Steel Producer and Steelmaker – Asia

Dispute between EAF Mini Mill Steel and Plant and Equipment Supplier – South America

Dispute between Coke Oven operator and Plant and Equipment Supplier – South America

Insurance Investigations

Blast Furnace Failures

Failure of Ferro-Alloy Smelters

Failure of DRI Plants

Failure of Intergrated Steel Plant Equipment

Coke Oven Plant Damage

Failure of Material Handling Equipment